Digital blessings

Is there a part of you reluctant to call yourself a writer because you haven’t yet been published or you haven’t received any awards? Don’t be. God grants opportunities for recognition as He sees fit. But just because we aren’t the recipients of these public blessings doesn’t mean we can’t use our talents to bless others.

Thanks to a nifty tip I picked up from our school’s technology in-service today, I now have the resources to create an easy project from the heart that combines all my interests: writing, music and photography. All the credit goes to the presenter (and my friend) Robin Watkins, whose session on eTales revealed ways writers and artists of all ages can express themselves (and bless others in the process).

If you have access to Internet, a digital camera and a blank CD, you can create a one-of-a-kind gift for practically $0, using the gifts God has granted you. Consider the ways you can bless others:

  • A love poem in 3D using pictures of special moments with “your song” playing in the background
  • A priceless gift for grandparents with school photos, artwork and original poetry
  • A birthday gift for a best friend, again using a favorite song and pictures of memorable moments

Robin used the example of Williamson County high school student Emily Hoffner, who created a project involving her original poetry, a friend’s original music composition and her father’s original photography.

To see Emily’s project, first click on the link: Look for the TN eTales Winners 2009  winner Emily Hoffner and click on her name. (This only takes a minute–literally. It’s worth the time.)

If this project sounds like something you’d like to try, consider downloading Photo Story 3. It’s free. You can easily Google it or click on this link:

If you have a project you’ve created, share it with us. Writers can find a myriad of ways to adapt the project to fit their needs. I’ve even seen Book Trailers that have used a similar process.

Maybe God is using your creative talents in different way right now. It doesn’t mean they aren’t valid. You can encourage others by sharing the ways God is creatively using your talents.


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